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Creating a Silverlight 4 FileMenu control from a ComboBox

Recently I had to create a simple FileMenu control. As you are all aware this is very similar to a ComboBox control.

The difference is that the ComboBox control cannot be used on the fly to contain a collection of MenuItems.

For this I had to create a custom ComboBox control which I called FileMenuItem. This control offers a Title dependency property to set the content for the Menu. Read more…


Silverlight 4 Custom MenuItem Control with Sub Items

In this post I tackle an inherent problem everyone faces with the Silverlight 4 Toolkit MenuItem.

Read more…

Microsoft KIN Spot control with Silverlight 4

As all of you are aware Microsoft recently launched two phones: KIN ONE and KIN TWO.

Microsoft Kin

Microsoft KIN

You can see them in action here

I really liked the idea that a single spot can do all that magic stuff. So I thought: “Hey, I should make one for myself”. Read more…